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Recruitment of Warehouse Management Material Manager
Job description Job responsibilities Job requirements Salary treatment
1. Assist workshop production
2. On-site hygiene management
3. Other tasks assigned by leaders
4. Responsible for input and maintenance management of warehouse system
1. Receiving the goods according to the receipt slip at the time of receipt, if the goods do not meet the standards, they shall resolutely refuse to accept them.
2. Distribution according to the sales warehouse receipt, and second checking after the goods are ready.
3. After each receipt and delivery, the warehouse is tidied up to make the warehouse clear and neat at a glance.
4. Do a good job of daily warehouse prevention (damage prevention, fire prevention, moisture-proof, anti-theft, etc.);
5. Do a good job of manual and electronic accounting;
1. High school education or above
2. Hardworking and meticulous work
3. Experience in warehouse management is preferred
Interview or consultation

Human Resources

Working Address:First floor of South Building, Building 3, Maipu Science Park, Xinsheng Road, Chongchuan District, Nantong, Jiangsu Province

Contact Number: +86 18051667070

Contact Person: Miss Wang

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