Jiangsu Hengpeng Intelligent City Technology Co., Ltd. has always been aiming at building a strong worldwide standard enterprise, with quality, efficiency and service as its core spirit, caring for employees, people-oriented, quality innovation and product reform as its vision. Under the care and organization of the chairman of the company, a leading group of corporate culture, headed by the highest leadership, has been established, creating advanced corporate culture.

Quality: Quality is the eternal vitality of the enterprise. Hengpeng has always been meeting the market with strict standards of high quality;

Efficiency: Hengpeng always takes efficiency as the measure of development, pays attention to cooperation and cooperation, and trains an efficient elite team.

Service: Customers are God. We cherish every opportunity to serve customers and treat customers'concerns, choices and trust with gratitude.

Caring for employees: Employees are the foundation of enterprise development. The company strives to create a happy, harmonious, friendly and uplifting enterprise atmosphere.

Caring for the society: The existence of enterprises is not only for profit, but also for social responsibility. We pay attention to environment protection and maintain harmonious relationship with society in order to achieve sustainable development of enterprises.

Converging professional thought, Hengpeng staff adhere to the enterprise purpose of "infinite innovation and promoting the world", meet the growing customer needs with excellent products, reliable quality and honest service. In Hengpeng, "opportunities", "talents", "technology" and "products" are the main pulling force for the growth of the company. We adhere to the core idea, conform to the trend of technology, market and social development, and compose the glorious history of Hengpeng!