Company Profile

Jiangsu Hengpeng Smart City Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January, 2007. The headquarters is located in the Chongchuan Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Service Center-Nantong incubator, a famous historical and cultural city in Jiangsu. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in road lighting intelligent management platform, and research and development, production and sales of energy-saving street lamps, multi-functional poles, focusing on the development needs of smart cities.

At present, the company has the second-level qualification of professional contract of electronic and intelligent engineering, the third-level qualification of professional contract of construction machinery and electrical installation engineering, the third-level qualification of professional contract of urban and road lighting engineering, and has passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system,  AAA Credit Level Certificate in Bank, and was appraised as a "contract-abiding and credit-abiding enterprise".

The company has established a research and development team consisting of doctors, masters, undergraduates and senior technicians, which has independently developed an intelligent management platform for LED lighting street lamps in recent years. The platform is highly intelligent and can realize the acquisition of the  voltage, current and temperature signals of street lamps, the transition to the background monitoring center in real time, with high transmission efficiency and strong anti-interference ability. It independently developed LED street lamp energy-saving controller, and the system integrates RTC clock module, storage module, LED street lamp driver module, line detection module and signal acquisition module. The signal input module input terminal is connected with brightness sensor and human body infrared pyroelectric sensor. The degree of intelligence is high, and the brightness of the LED street light can be automatically adjusted according to the external light brightness and the human flow, and the energy saving effect is obvious. Self-developed constant illumination LED lamp design is the  research on light decay in the whole life of the product, using life test data analysis method based on thermal and light source bead, providing real-time light adjusting and supplying, achieving decay lighting control when there is no light, making LED with constant luminous flux of the luminaire, reducing the energy consumption of the product and improving the service life of the product. It independently developed a multi-pole integrated light pole, which integrated monitoring, lighting, road signs, traffic lights signals and other components in one, equipped with multi-pole integrated intelligent management system, reducing the cost of municipal construction, improving the municipal management efficiency, beautifying the road landscape. The company cooperated with the South Channel Road Lighting Management Office to build a single-light control constant illumination LED street lighting demonstration project (Shilun Road, Yuanlin Road, Renmin East Road), through the street lamp intelligent management platform for real-time monitoring of the voltage, current, temperature, leakage and other parameters of the street lamp. During this year, it is stable, reliable, and has achieved the desired design goals. The project was listed in the 2017 Livelihood Science and Technology Demonstration and Promotion Project of Nantong Science and Technology Bureau. The company has applied for more than 50 patents and software copyrights, of which more than 20 have been authorized.

The company's Rugao production base covers an area of 100,000 square meters and a construction area of more than 5,000 square meters, owning Belgian LVD large bending machine, ABB cutting robot, advanced electrostatic spraying assembly line equipment, spectral analyzer, flaw detector detection, IP protection level test, LED photoelectric color test system and other advanced equipment, in order to guarantee research, development and production needs, while meeting the needs of high-level products of domestic and foreign customers.

The company's LED lamps and modules have received CQC product certification and CE certification,with four products recognized as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province. And the products are exported to foreign countries and are widely used in main domestic projects.

The company will continue to expand the foreign market, continue to introduce foreign advanced technology, unswervingly take the road of scientific and technological innovation, follow the trend of the times, and constantly create unique products to bring vitality to the company through innovation.